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Improve Your Project’s Look – Windows UI Tips
Xojo Programming Blog
  • The StackView classes were testet on Windows 10. To achieve the best possible performance under Windows, set the Transparent property (RectControl - The Demo-Project automatically sets all Properties to False on Windows ↠ look PrepareForWindows Method) and the DoubleBuffer property (Canvas, ContainerControl, OpenGLSurface) of all controls to False. Avoid overlapping controls (The Microsoft / Sketch Demo uses Gradient-Headers with a DisclosureTriangle inside. Since the Canvas and the control should not overlap, the control is simply drawn into the Gradient Picture using DrawInto).


  • The StackView classes were tested on Mint 18.2 (Sonya) and Mint 19 (Cinnamon), Ubuntu 16, Fedora 27/28 and Elementary OS 5.0 Juno. The controls used in the sample window are prepared for each of these Linux. Look around, some controls have different sizes on each system. If you are working with a Linux operating system other than the three named above, you can add this to the GetLinuxType method within the StackView module and add the specific Linux control sizes to each control subclass in the StackView (Controls) folder.
  • If you use PopupMenus or TextFields within a ViewController, you should set its Visible property in the Collapse Event to False and vice versa in the Expand Event to True. See the example of StackViews (Sketch and Apple).
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