Thanks to Ulrich Bogun, Jim McKay & Julian Samphire.


Release date: 29. DEC 2020
  • [All] Adjustments for Xojo 2020+ (API 2.0 Updates)
  • [macOS] Fixed macOS Big Sur display problem
  • [Demo] Updated Demo (Linux Fixes)


Release date: NOV 20, 2019
  • [All] Adjustments for Xojo 2019.021
  • [Demo] Updated Demo


Release date: OCT 20, 2019
  • [All] The code has been updated to work well with Xojo's new API 2.0. Earlier Xojo versions use the old API calls. When you run "Analyze Project" in the Xojo IDE (2019.02), you will receive some warnings for deprecated events. Depending on whether you are running a Xojo version with API 2.0 (Xojo 2019.02 +), the Xojo IDE allows you to independently replace the events with the new events recommended by Xojo. Please note that the StackView sample file can only be opened with Xojo versions 2019.02 + after this point! It is therefore essential that you make a backup copy of your project before you use it!
  • [All] Auto and Text have been deprecated, they have been replaced by Variant and String.
  • [All] Speed optimization of the Observer class (variables are now declared outside of loop calls).
  • [Demo] Added an example in which ViewController communicates with objects via events.
  • [Demo] Updated Demo


Release date: JUN 04, 2019
  • [macOS] Fixes macOS Mojave display problem
  • [All] Updated code related to EraseBackground
  • [All] Updated Documentation
  • [Demo] Updated Demo


Release date: APR 24, 2018
  • [Win] Microsoft Windows Support (only if using Xojo Version >= 2018.1 - no more flicker)
  • [macOS] Removed unused horizontal NSScroller when using UseNSScroller
  • [All] Updated Documentation
  • [Demo] Removed bugs & optimized Demo Project
  • [Demo] Get current Linux System to handle e.g. different Control sizes on „Linux Mint“ „Ubuntu“ & „Fedora“


Release date: NOV 14, 2017
  • [All] Added methods to add/remove Views dynamically at the runtime
  • [All] Updated Documentation
  • [Demo] Added example „DynamicViewsWindow“


Release date: SEP 01, 2017
  • [macOS] Added NSScrollView (macOS-only)
  • [All] Fixed incorrect ScrollBar PageStep Value
  • [All] Removed Canvas in ScrollController
  • [All] Updated Documentation
  • [Demo] Added example with Sketch Style
  • [Demo] Added example with Xojo Style


Release date: AUG 14, 2017
  • [All] Rewrote of StackView Classes
  • [All] Removed all CPU-intensive Timers and Methods and using now an Interface
  • [All] Added example with Microsoft Style


Release date: AUG 11, 2017
  • [All] Fixed some bugs

1.0.0 (initiale Release)

Release date: 10. AUG 2017