Release date: Oct 12 2018




Release date: Oct 11 2018


  • [win + mac] Dynamic system colors are cached now. Both systems install a watcher to invalidate the colors in case of a color palette / Appearance change, otherwise their values will be retrieved from the interal cache. Therefore better performance.
  • [win] Uses the Color.BlendColor method for an approximation of systemColor.Colors under Windows – which means there are not that fully saturated systemRed_Color etc. on Windows too.
  • [all] The former blendColor implementation for Windows and Linux now exists as xplatform MultiplyColor method – because that is basically what it did.
  • [mac + win] several extension methods for setting images and icons in PushButtons, RadioButtons, Popupmenus and similar features.
  • [mac + win] Many Pushbutton features extended to work on RadioButtons too.
  • [mac] AppKitAddition now includes methods for PushButton, RadioButton, PopupMenu, Window, MenuItem and SegmentedControl.
  • [win] User32Addition supports many controls- and windows features in conjunction with images under Windows as a sidekick for AppKitAddition.


  • [win + linux] Color.BlendColor brings a result similar to the native macOS function by a Xojo method now.
  • [win] WindowBackground_Color now returns white on Windows 10 which is the correct window background color, not the light gray color that Xojo uses.
  • [all] Win_WindowBackground_Color was removed because of the upper change and replaced by Win_Menu_Color.
  • [win] RegisterForSystemColorChangeNotification is now useful on Windows too, but only for system color palette and High Contrast Mode changes, not for Windows Dark Mode currently.
Please note that currently Dark Mode and changes to and from it under Windows are not supported. It is rumored that Microsoft will change this in a coming Windows 10 release.
  • [win] SystemVersionIsAtLeast works now for Windows too but checks against the system the app is manifested for.
  • [win] 64 bit compatibility
  • [mac] Removal of unused Windows parameters.

Known problems

  • [win] The controls window sometimes crashes during opening on Windows. This seems to be a beta bug caused by getting the ICON handle of an image for a repeated time.

1.0.1 - 2018-10-01


  • Added a pragma to make the project work with Xojo < 2018r3.