General Information


The StackView classes have been successfully tested under
  • macOS 10.13+
  • Windows 10
  • Mint 18.2/19, Fedora 27/28, Ubuntu 16, Elementary OS 15 and Deepin 15.11

Known Issues

  • DisclosureTriangle.DrawInto Method is broken on all platforms since Xojo 2018.2. This appears at the Microsoft Example. The Bug was fixed in Xojo 2018.3.
If you use Xojo 2018.3 theDisclosureTriangle.DrawIntomethod is buggy when dark mode support is enabled. This bug is reported.
There is also a bug with ContainerControls in Dark Mode. Its already reported.
  • When using StackView with Xojo 2017.2 on Linux think about the bug „49401 - Linux: some controls are not placed correctly when on a non-Transparent ContainerControl“. This was fixed for the most controls in Xojo 2017.2.1. In Xojo 2018.1 it was fixed for Feedback case 50767 and 50870.
  • Currently there seems to be a bug in the Listbox under Linux (GTK+3) in Xojo. The Listbox header is displayed normally within the ContainerControl, but not the content area of the Listbox. To see the bug, unfold all tabs of the Apple demo and scroll down. The Listbox shines through outside the ContainerControl. ↠ Feedback case 49401.
  • Microsoft Windows Support only for builts with Xojo Version >= 2018.1.
The use of Xojo 2018.3+ is recommended.
Please do not use Xojo 2019r2. Use Xojo 2019r2.1 instead.

How to purchase?

Just write me a private message at the Xojo Forum ( with your valid e-mail address. I’ll sent you the invoice about 15 € and after purchasing via PayPal you’ll get the unencrypted source code.