A collection of Xojo modules for full dynamic handling of system colors on macOS and Windows and easier macOS Mojave Dark Mode support
Currently you need to install Joe Ranieri’s ObjC Blocks Plugin for macOS builds. I will try to get rid of that dependency in a later release.
Dynamic System Color support on macOS Mojave with excellent Xojo color translation.

Features and Usage

The package consists of a collection of modules mostly for macOS. Currently they are
Module Name
All Mojave system colors as dynamic Xojo color properties and as Pointers to their NSColor representation. Windows System colors mapped to them or as addition where there is no real equivalent. Read that as xplatform support for dynamic system colors (Win + Mac).
Color manipulation methods for macOS mainly.
Add Pictures and Template Images to Pushbuttons and SegmentedControls, also for alternative states. macOS only.
Similar features like in AppKitAddition for Windows
For usage, simply copy one or all of the modules from the package into your own project. Don’t forget to install the Blocks plugin! You can use the ColorAddition only or the together with the AppKitAddition. If Xojo’s Autocomplete is on your side, the features will be added to your project transparently by extending the Xojo classes.
If you use either AppKit- or User32Addition, you must install the other module too, even if you will not use that platform. Sorry, the module structure made this dependencies necessary.

License and Pricing

You can use the demo project for free unlimited. Be aware that a nag messagebox will appear in builds after a few minutes, reminding you to support independent developers. In the demo, the modules are encrypted.
The licensed version comes as unencrypted source code for a price of 12,50 €. There is no license code, unlock key or anything. You are free to use the code in as many projects as you like unlimited, change or alter the code according to your needs, but not to resell it as a module similar to this one.
Lifetime updates for the major version you purchased are included for free, and maintances or bugfixes will always get into earlier versions (if there should ever be a reaonable explanation for a major release above 1).
Payments can be done via PayPal with the remark "CSTrueColors." You’ll receive the source code including a PDF invoice (if your sent your context details) ASAP.
Of course, the code comes AS IS without any warranty about the health of your or other’s computers, your mental health from using it or whatsoever.

Bug reports and feature requests

Can always be sent to my ticket system.